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@Start - free customizable start page for your browser.

  • Create a customizable home (start) page for your Internet Explorer browser that is truly yours for free!
  • Since @Start resides locally on your computer, unlike many web pages it loads instantly regardless of the speed of your connection.
  • @Start allows you to access your favorite search engines quickly and easily. No need for any extra clicks!
  • @Start allows you to create custom links for the sites you use most.
  • @Start lists the URLs that you typed recently. You no longer need to type and re-type the URL in the address bar over and over again!
  • @Start provides you with instant access to your favorite links and history of the visited URLs.
  • @Start provides you with news feeds organized by categories.
  • @Start provides you with personal daily horoscope.

Currently, @Start supports only Internet Explorer 5.5 or better.

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